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We are iCYEN Fundation.

After thorough analysis of the growing digital currency market, we are launching our product, iCYEN Krypto. It is an affordable acquisition opportunity within a launch and appreciation schedule.

iCYEN is a currency with all legal records, within a concept of innovation and market credibility. The goal is to follow the same steps as Bitcoin, creating investment opportunities and later exponential gains.

We will start our ICO project by offering U$ 0.25 for each currency over the one-year period, which will be the ICO stage. The currency will be valued each month.

Purchase and appreciation of your currencies can be tracked through the mobile app, which will be available on Google Play and Apple platforms.


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Implementation Project

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iCYEN Krypto
Platform Creation
Stage 1
USD 0,25
Stage 2
USD 0,35
Stage 3
USD 0,45
Stage 4
USD 0,55
Stage 5
USD 0,65
Stage 6
USD 0,75
Stage 7
USD 0,85
Stage 8
USD 1,00
Initial Public Offering

Currency Sale Status



Developed by POS or hybrid format scripting algorithm, iCYEN allows you to store and invest your wealth in a fully secure currency and can earn substantial investment returns for your appreciation.

iCYEN maintains a broad and deep network of media partners and trade show organizers, mechanics and service agents, as well as consultants. These partners will become trading partners, accepting currency as a means of payment and, in addition, promoting currency.

Symbol ICN


A cryptocurrency is a means of exchange that can be centralized or decentralized using blockchain technology and encryption to ensure the validity of transactions and the creation of new currency units.
iCYEN is a currency with all legal records, with a concept of innovation and market credibility to follow the same steps as Bitcoin, creating investment opportunities and exponential gains.
All investments in cryptocurrency are risky. Therefore, at ICYEN, this risk is minimized because this whole system is based on the currency itself, which generates a high demand for it.
To invest in the currency is very simple, scroll to the top of the site and click "Acquire ICYEN", make your registration and follow the step by step until the end of the investment.
The price varies according to the 16 months of the project, called “ICO”, ​​where the value will initially be $ 0.25 for each currency in the first month and $ 1.00 at its launch.
There are several differences. The main one is the fact that all currencies quoted are issued by Central Banks, that is, they are issued centrally by banks which are generally controlled by governments, while the main cryptocurrencies are just the opposite: “issue” is in the hands of the individuals that make up the market, and it is only up to individuals to decide whether to accept them, to value them or not.
Yes. Our system has a high level of security to ensure the stability of our members.

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